An original theatrical productions by Ten Tone Productions.

Thursday November 22nd to Sunday December 2nd at Alumnae Theatre in Toronto for 10 shows only!

At the Alumnae Theater, 70 Berkeley St, Toronto

Thursday November 22nd – 7:30 pm

Friday November 23rd – 7:30 pm

Saturday November 24th – 7:30 pm

Sunday November 25th – 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

Thursday November 29th – 7:30 pm

Friday November 30th – 7:30 pm

Saturday December 1st – 7:30 pm

Sunday December 2nd – 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

Ticket Price: $40Purchase Tickets Online

“Oi Erosylies” is a new theatrical experience, consisting of many different elements, the combination of which make it unique and differentiates it from whatever you have seen so far. The story describes the life of Erofili, who lives with her mother Ms. Yiota and her cousin Maria, in Patras in 2015. An invitation to “Bourboulia” comes to overthrow her life and confront her with love. The love resides in the face of a person who has always been around her but does not belong to her. She is torn through a merciless battle between the heart and the mind. As the story unfolds there are continuous revelations that overturn the image the protagonists try to put forward to society. They are stuck in a cycle of events and situations that come to haunt their own lives and those of their children. Lies in order not to hurt the ones we love, lies for fear, lies in order not to lose what we believe belongs to us.

The work is an Ode to Love. An Ode to God. An Ode to the God of Eros, having flesh and bones, as opposed to the rest that are spiritual. A likeness of faith to God – by a faith in Love. The show is based on the poems “Oi Erosylies”, written by Erofili Gerasimidou. Learn more.


TEN TONE PRODUCTIONS is a company transforming from the cultural need to deliver Greek visual arts with the designed intent to reach an emerging audience that has awakened and has been waiting to come alive in a modern way by raising Hellenic artistry through theatre, music, drama and visuals